Investment Opportunity

BitcoinInvesting in bitcoins is very similar to investing in gold. It takes resources to generate bitcoins just like it takes resources to mine gold and silver. Gold and silver are valuable because they are used in many products. Bitcoins are valuable because they prevent digital money from being spent twice, a service traditionally performed by financial institutions for a fee. Just like there is a finite amount of gold on earth, so is there a finite amount of bitcoins that can be created. Just as with most commodities, at first bitcoins are more plentiful and then as they are collected, they become sparse. In the first four years, 10,500,000 bitcoins can be created. During each consecutive four year period only half as many bitcoins can be created as during the previous four years. Right now is the perfect time to invest in bitcoins because they are still inexpensive. But as more people start to generate bitcoins, the amount of work required to produce a bitcoin will increase and so will the value of your bitcoins.

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