Fastest Solution to Play MP4 on Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic TV

How to Solve "MP4 File not Supported on Some Kinds of TVs"?

The common way of playing videos on a TV is by using a USB drive. Most TVs give a list of the files that they support on their manual, but you might experience some problem while trying to play some files. For instance, your manual may indicate that you can play MP4 files directly on your TV via USB drive only to realize that the file does not play as you expected. If that is the case, it is true that your Samsung/LG/Sony/Panasonic TV does notsupportthe MP4 file format.

If you are trying to directly play an MP4 file on a TV through USB key, you should strongly consider converting MP4 video to a format that is widely accepted by a TV, such as H.264 encoded MP4. This requires a third party video converter app, likeDimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. It just saves a lot of hassles when you find out that the thing won't play when you plug the USB in.

Source:Play MP4 on TV Solution – Encode MP4 to TV Supported Format

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